When To Replace Your Water Heater

Nothing lasts forever, and that statement is especially true for your appliances. Your water heater is one of the appliances that can really benefit from good maintenance, but no matter how well you take care of it, it will eventually go.  To better prepare and save for the day you’ll need to replace it, you’ll want to know the specific signs to look for. 

It’s Age

If your water heater is a century old, it could be pushing its luck. No matter how well you treated your water heater, a water heater pushing over ten will need to be replaced. One way to ensure that your water heater doubles its lifespan and makes it to the full century mark is through proper maintenance and care. 

Rusty Water

For many water heaters, rust can be inevitable, but it’s also a good sign that it’s time to be replaced. If you are noticing rust in your water, around your temperature and pressure relief valve or by the inlet and outlet connections, there is a good chance your tank is rusting. A rusted tank will have to be replaced. Once the rust begins, there is no repairing it, and you want to act fast before it starts to leak.

Bye Bye Cold Water

One of the most visible signs that your water heater isn’t working that way it should is the lack of hot water coming from it. Lukewarm or cold water that never gets quite warm enough could be a sign of several different issues that you’ll want to address. Whether it’s an issue with the heating element, thermostat or a broken dip tube you’ll want to get it looked at. Another common cause – too small of a tank for your home size. No matter what your problem happens to be, tank replacement should be discussed. 

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