Sewer & Water Line Installation & Repair in Salt Lake City, UT

Whether you are building a new home from the ground up or maintaining the home you already own, ensure that your sewer and water lines are properly installed and repaired. If you notice backflow from sewage lines, sudden and significant increases in your water bill, or experience standing water in your yard or property, you may need your sewer or water lines repaired or replaced.

Fortunately, Scott Hale offers sewer and water line installation and repair services in the Salt Lake City, UT, area. Contact us today to schedule an inspection or learn more about our sewer and water line services.

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Signs Your Sewer Line Needs Repaired or Replaced

While your water and sewer lines are underground and, therefore, out of sight, it can be difficult to know whether they need repaired or replaced. Fortunately, there can still be some clues that your sewer line needs a repair or replacement:

Severe clogs can often cause leaks or bursts in your sewer lines if not handled quickly and adequately. Thankfully, Scott Hale’s expert plumbers can clean your sewer lines to eliminate the clog and get things flowing again. 

However, when clogs are left alone for too long and continue to build, the damage from a burst pipe might be too much just to clean out and repair. Scott Hale offers sewer line installation services if you ever need to replace yours. 

Sewer Line Installation & Repair

At Scott Hale, we clean, inspect, repair, and install sewer lines with minimal disruption to your yard and property. With our various resources and hard-working technicians, we always perform work that is satisfaction guaranteed.

Our plumbers obtain the necessary sewer line permits in Salt Lake City, UT, and are licensed, certified, and insured to repair or replace your sewer line. 

Water Line Installation & Repair

Have you noticed standing water in your yard with no recent rain? Or a sudden drop in water pressure? If there’s a spike in your water bill or you notice discoloration in your tap water, these signs can all indicate a disruption to your water line. 

Scott Hale’s licensed plumbers can determine the source of the problem and provide solutions quickly. Sometimes, only a section of the line needs fixing, or the line might need to be dug up and replaced completely. Professional video equipment will also help show precisely where the damage is underground. 

Contact Scott Hale for professional sewer and water line installation and repair services in Salt Lake City, UT.




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