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Water Conditioning System In Salt Lake City

Are you looking for a full range of water softening, conditioning, and purification solutions for your home or business in Salt Lake City? Then, you’ll appreciate the great service and expertise that Scott Hale provides to local residents. With decades of experience performing water conditioner installations across Utah, this team of plumbing specialists can handle it all! From expert repairs to affordable new installations of the latest whole-home filtration system technology, your home or business can count on Scott Hale for soft, pure water!


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When you speak with us about your water conditioning system options, you’ll quickly discover the Scott Hale difference. We can help you with friendly, expert advice on choosing the right water softener for your needs and your budget. We can even show you the systems that have the best warranties and the comparative running costs. And if you do choose Scott Hale to help install your new water treatment system, you can count on 100% satisfaction guaranteed — we’ll look after you and your home, be on-time, considerate, and tidy!

Discover The Benefits Of A Water Conditioner System With Scott Hale

Softer Water — Salt Lake City is renowned for its hard water. According to the local Department of Public Utilities, the average water hardness across the city is 13 grains of hardness per gallon, which increases even more in summer. On a scale of water hardness, anything over 10.5 grains per gallon is considered “very hard.” It creates a range of problems (see below) that only a water softener installation can help to alleviate.

Better Cleaning — You can enjoy a luxurious lather in the bath and shower when you have softer water running through your plumbing system. In fact, you’ll see that everything is easier to clean, from washing your clothes to cleaning your home, when using all different types of shampoos, detergents, and cleaning agents with soft water. Not only that, but you’ll also save money by using less cleaning products!

Prevents Damage — Hard water leaves behind residue, better known as limescale, that can quickly build up over time. Limescale that sits in your appliances and pipes can cause damage that requires expensive repairs or premature replacements. It’s most likely the reason that you don’t seem to catch a break from clogged drains. We bet if we used our video pipe inspection technology to look inside your drains right now, that’s exactly what we’d find. Moreover, extensive exposure to scale buildup will ruin your plumbing system and force you to get copper repiping completed sooner than necessary.

The same can apply to your important appliances, such as the water heater, washing machine, and dishwasher, just to name a few. In a commercial setting, protecting appliances from limescale buildup can be even more critical. You may even find that limescale affects your water pressure by blocking the flow of water in the pipes, in which case you’ll need to call us for a water line repair. You can avoid all of these headaches by installing a water conditioning system!

Purer Water — In addition to softening and conditioning, you can also consider a range of water purification upgrades. Did you know that, according to the Department of Public Utilities, some parts of Salt Lake City have tap water with impurities, such as arsenic and cyanide? So, it’s no wonder that many families prefer the crisp, clean taste of purer water from a whole-home filtration system, not to mention the peace of mind that comes with years of worry-free consumption.

Scott Hale is the astute choice for all of your water softening system needs in Salt Lake City! For help with repairs or with choosing your new system, contact us today!

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