5 Signs It’s Time To Test Your Water

Hard water is a home headache, that can often be hard to spot. Though it might seem like a minor problem, hard water can shorten your appliance’s lifespan, irritate your skin, and cause you significant plumbing woes. So if you think it might be time to test your home for hard water, here are five signs to look out for:

Soap Scum on Shower Head | Pipe Repair Salt Lake City1. New And Odd Stains

If your glasses, toilet bowl, and clothes just don’t seem to be getting or staying as clean as they use too, hard water could be the cause. White spots on your dishes and glassware and ugly stains in your toilet are all caused by iron or minerals in your water — a clear sign of a hard water issue.

2. Constantly Clogged Pipes

Hard water leaves build up, especially in your pipes. Over time the buildup can get so bad that frequent clogs become normality. If you see a huge increase in pipe clogs, it’s time to check your water quality.

3. Constant Appliance Replacement

Believe it or not, hard water can do a number on your appliances. Hard water causes build up and weakens the efficiency of your appliances, shortening the lifespan of your machines. A water softening treatment can leave you with a lower energy bill and cleaner dishes and clothes. 

4. Increased Soap Scum

With hard water comes soap scum, not only on your dishes but your shower curtain and shower heads too. If you notice soap scum is occurring more, the buildup might be harder to clean or you’re using more cleaning products, it’s time to get your water tested. 

5. Dry And Itchy Skin

Hard water can also make showering less effective. Hard water has a harder time removing soap from the skin and hair, leaving you with dry, itchy skin or bad hair days. In some cases, you might even notice an irritation or skin rash. All of these could be easily fixed with a water conditioning solution.

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