5 Affordable Ways To Modernize Your Bathroom

When it comes to your bathroom, there are many affordable ways to update your decor. If you are itching for a remodel, but just can’t find it in your budget to handle a full overhaul, here are five affordable ways you can modernize your bathroom today:

bathroom remodel

1. Change The Fixtures

Are outdated fixtures bring your bathroom style down? With a new sink, bathtub or shower fixture you can take your outdated bathroom into 2018. Not only is it a great visual accent, but it’s also an affordable way to make a noticeable update.

2. Clutter Free

An excellent and cost-free way to make you feel like your space is updated and new is a little organization. By removing some of the unnecessary clutter, you can create a modern and spacious bathroom! Use space on your walls to add extra shelves or storage space if needed.

3. Think New Accents

It’s all about the little details, and with a new color, new cabinet knobs, or even a new shower curtain you can give your bathroom the upgrade it needs. If you are feeling daring, add a splash of color where you can. 

4. Break Out The Paint

Painting walls, cabinets, and even floors can be an affordable facelift for your bathroom. Have some chipped walls or dingy areas that just look dull —- a coat of paint can do the trick! 

5. Switch Up Your Vanity

Take your bathroom sink for boring to bold with a vintage vanity. Repurpose an old piece of furniture to give your bathroom a standout vanity with the extra storage space you need! Just don’t forget to keep size in mind! 

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