7 Storage Solutions For Small Bathrooms

No matter what the size of your bathroom is, chances are you not fully utilizing your space options. If your bathroom is space deprived, but a bathroom remodel just isn’t in your budget, these seven unique storage solutions can help: 

1. Utilize Wall Space.  Every bit of unused space can be a new storage opportunity. You can hang a few baskets, or rope together a tower of buckets, either way; you’ll gain yourself some floating shelves and storage. Looking for a hidden storage space —  build some shelves between your wall studs.

2. Think Above the Sink. Have a little room between your mirror and sink? Use it! Add a ledge to hold your soaps, toothbrush holder, or anything that would usually take up sink space. If you are looking for a bit more width and storage, add a slotted wooden box instead.

3. But Don’t Forget Under the Sink. If your bathroom contains a pedestal sink, then your storage worries can be put to rest. Place some storage baskets under the sink and a decorative skirt. The new skirt will hide the baskets while dressing up the sink. If you are looking for added shelves, consider adding a wrap around shelf to your pedestal sink. 

4. Create a DIY Project. There are many DIY ways you can save tons of space. If your bathroom storage space is being taken up by your makeup collection, it’s time to hang it up — literally. With an old picture frame, a metal sheet, some glue, and magnets — you can make a magnet makeup board to hang on the wall. You’ll now have added space and some wall art!

5. Add Several Towel Racks. Towels are one of the most necessary things in your bathroom, but it can also be the biggest space waster. If you have an empty bathroom door, add a few towel racks. Adding a double or even triple towel rack to the back of the door can help you store your towels in an organized and space saving manner.

6. Get creative with Your Towel Hangers.  If the back of the door towel hangers just doesn’t work for you, there are other options! To obtain a towel rack that lays flush with the wall, create one out of rope. You can also mount retro door knobs, or add an old wine rack above the toilet.  No matter what your style is, there are plenty of ways to get creative with towel storage.  

7. Install A Full-Length Medicine Cabinet.  Have an overstuffed medicine cabinet? Are you tired of ducking flying bottles every time you open the door? Well, why not invest in a full-length one! It will give you way more storage, but you’ll also have a full-length mirror right in your bathroom.

If your bathroom storage has reached its max, and you are looking for a complete bathroom remodel in the Salt Lake City area, trust the experts at Scott Hale.  Professional, helpful and committed to your satisfaction, you can request service online or call today: (801) 559-7971.

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