When Should I Service My HVAC?

When Should I Service My HVAC?

When is the best time to call in a professional for your HVAC? It can be a tough call, especially if you are tight on cash or only use your system sparingly throughout the year. Whether you rely on your heating and air conditioner all the time or just for a few months, you should service your HVAC at least once a year. 

The Importance Of Seasonal HVAC Tune-Ups

The shift from summer to winter and vice-versa requires proper servicing to prevent problems, breakdowns and, most importantly, save money. Your air filter needs replaced every 90 days, and if you aren’t doing this solo, then your HVAC is most likely consuming far more energy than it needs to in addition to pumping unfiltered air into your home. 

Getting your HVAC serviced before the temperature rises or plunges can spot any potential hazards or risks and ensure that your system is running as efficiently as possible. Older models also tend to require more repairs and maintenance than newer ones. 

Usage also plays another factor. If you run your system most of the year, even when you’re not at home, you’ll likely need routine servicing more frequently than someone who only uses their HVAC three or four months out of the year. 

When To Schedule General Maintenance

Even if your HVAC runs smoothly and you aren’t overpaying, it’s a good idea to schedule annual or biannual tune-ups. These will ensure that your ventilation is working properly and there are no blockages or other potential hazards that could lead to a breakdown later. 

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