Ways To Keep Your Kitchen Cool

We know that it can be hard to cook a family meal without feeling like your house is suddenly a sauna. Not to mention the added steam that now enters the room. It’s hard not to want to ditch the pots and pans and pick up the phone for take-out instead. Luckily, we have some answers for you below: 

Cook Early In The Day

If possible, try cooking your meals earlier in the day when the sun isn’t so intense. When you add kitchen heat with sunshine, your home temperature can quickly rise. Another great option is to consider meal prepping once a week to avoid excess heat in the home every day. 

Keep The Lights Low

Though your kitchen lighting is an excellent accent to your home, try dimming the lights in areas you are not utilizing. Extra light bulbs can add a lot of excess heat. 

Choose To Grill

Another option and a delicious one too is to take the cooking outdoors. Grilling your food will give your stove a break, give you some much needed outdoor time, and keep your kitchen from being hot and uncomfortable, too.

Always Use Your Fans

Your exhaust fan should still be used when cooking. Put it on before steam starts to rise, especially if you are frying or boiling anything. This will help prevent condensation from sticking around and give you a comfortable place to work. If you have a ceiling fan, consider using that, too.