Ways To Celebrate Earth Day Around The Home.

Today is the day where we all start thinking a little more eco-friendly. We often become a bit more energy conscious and more aware of how we are treating the environment, but why not do it every day? Starting today, we challenge you to these eco-friendly home tips, so you can stop wasting energy and water, and begin conserving, today and every day!

Invest In Home Zoning

Have a large home? Find one room is always colder than the next? Are you constantly turning up the AC or heat so that the top floor is comfortable, meanwhile the first floor is either sweating or freezing; this is where home zoning comes in. When you invest in a home zoning system, your air ducts are paired in groups so you can control the temperature in different areas. This leads to more efficient heating and better home comfort, too.

Consider A Tankless Water Heater

A water heater is vital in your home, but it can take some energy to keep that tank of water warm unless you go tankless. By upgrading to a tankless water heater, you can still get hot water, but now you’ll get it on demand when you need it. Since going tankless uses less energy, it also lets out less greenhouse gas emissions, and last longer, meaning a potential for less repair and replacement costs, too. 

Bonus: it also takes up less space, and can even be installed on the wall — what a win-win!

Schedule Your HVAC Tune-Up

When you ignore your HVAC systems tune-up, you run the risk of little problems not getting fixed. Because of that, your system has to work harder to provide the air you need. This wastes energy and put wear and tear on your machine, leading to early breakdowns, and a shorter lifespan. Regular tune-ups can save you big in the long run while keeping your system working safe and sound.

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