The Top Toilet Issues And How To Avoid Them

Today is a very special day in the land of plumbing it’s World Toilet Day! Your toilet can be thought of as the centerpiece of your bathroom, in addition to being a fixture that, quite frankly, might need some more TLC than you realize. Sure, you might unclog it from time-to-time or do a deep clean, but are you using it properly? Certainly, chances are your toilet is getting more abuse than you realize — and that can often lead to some very common toilet issues.

world toilet day
So To Give Your Toilet The Care It Deserves, Here’s How To Avoid Them: 

Stop Flushing EVERYTHING

Just because something can go down with a flush, doesn’t mean it should. When it comes to your toilet, you should only flush toilet paper and human waste — that’s it! A simple way to remember? When in doubt, throw it out (in a garbage can).

Ditch The Liquid Drain Cleaner

Indeed, the packaging can be pretty convincing and might seem like a clog can disappear with ease (and probably will), but it will probably do some damage in the long run. In fact, liquid drain cleaners are fine for a once and awhile fix, but when you begin to make them a frequent option, you can do some serious damage to your plumbing pipes. So, the next time you happen to clog your toilet, give us a call instead!

Stop Ignoring The Little Things

From a leaking base to a running toilet, there are many little things that often get overlooked. If you happen to notice that you have extra water around your toilet, then it could be a leak which leads to a higher water bill — and potential water damage. Is your home suffering from low water pressure? If that’s the case, then you might have a major clog on your hands. Just remember: it might seem little now, but it can be something major — which that leads to more money down the road. 

These are the few issues out of many that Scott Hale Plumbing Heating & Air take care of at affordable rates. We have a team of certified and experienced staff that is just a call away any time of the year.