The Importance Of Protecting Your Pipes

The cold nights are getting less and less, but the need to care for your pipes is a year-round thing. In order to ensure you are waking up to a unnecessary pipe burst, here’s a few things you should keep in mind for the remainder of winter: 

Improve Air Circulation Around Indoor Pipes 

As the temperature drops at night, you’ll want to improve the air circulation around the indoor pipes in your kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room. Be sure to open the cabinet doors underneath your sinks along with opening the larger doors to keep the pipes warm.

Drain Exterior Water Pipes 

Make sure to drain the exterior water pipes outside a home during the autumn. After draining the water from the faucets near a garden or a garage, keep the item warm by placing a formfitting insulating cover over it. In addition, wrap adhesive insulating tape around the exposed areas of the pipe.

Keep Faucets Dripping Inside A Home 

When the winter temperatures drop, leaving water dripping from a faucet can prevent the water from freezing inside the pipes itself. The slow drip can help prevent the pipes from bursting.

Flush Toilets Occasionally 

If a toilet in a bathroom isn’t flushed for several days during the winter, then the underlying pipes can freeze. When there is a bathroom that is seldom used in a building, make sure to flush the toilet once a day to keep the intake or outlet pipes from freezing. 

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