Remodeling Your Bathroom Before The Holidays

For any homeowner, remodeling any part of your home can be a massive undertaking that you don’t take lightly. From trying to stay inside your budget, to picking out fixtures, there are a lot of steps and decision making that goes into planning a makeover, one of those being when to start. 

For most, the perfect time is now. With winter and the holiday season coming up, getting a head start on the bathroom of your dreams can save you headaches in the future. Here’s why:

Prevent A Plumbing Problem

When you begin to switch out your plumbing fixtures and shape your bathroom to the design of your dreams, you can spot any old or outdated pipes that need replacing. Just like most household fixtures, plumbing can have a lifespan. Some pipes depending on their age, can even rot or rust, leading to water quality issues. You can spot any minor problems and replace them before the holiday guests arrive. 

Save On Your Water Bill

When you go for an upgrade, you might want to be worried about the designs and colors you are picking, but what about the water waste? Many modern fixtures come low-flow, allowing you to waste less water, ultimately lowering your water bill. 

Give Your Guests A Modern Look

Beyond the water-saving and plumbing problem prevention, a beautifully updated bathroom for holiday guests can give them a spa away from home and can make you stress less about hiding cosmetic issues. Think of it like your early holiday present to yourself. 

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