Is My AC Too Small?

Your AC size does matter, and if ignored, you could be looking at higher than regular energy bills and an unevenly cooled home. For many homeowners, knowing what size system you need is not always common knowledge, but luckily we can help. If you are experiencing any of the below problems, it’s time to give us a call: 

It’s Never Cold Enough

An adequately fitted home system should quickly cool off your home and keep it to a comfortable temp with ease. When a system isn’t sized right, either from recent upgrades to your home or just an uneducated purchase, your system might lack the energy to keep your house at the temperature it should be at.

Your Energy Bill Is High

Because your system is lacking the energy it needs to keep your rooms cool and comfortable, you are most likely turning down the thermostat to feel a little bit of comfort. The extra energy your system needs to get to the temperature you desire can lead to a sudden increase in your energy bill. 

It’s Constantly Cycling 

Modern air conditioners are built to cycle on and off when needed, to get the air to the required temp. For smaller systems that can’t handle the size of the job, more prolonged cycling can occur, or nonstop cycling in some cases. This is all because your system is looking to keep up with the space it needs to cool. If your system is cycling for longer than 30 minutes, it’s time for an upgrade. 

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