Is It Time To Switch To A Tankless Water Heater

Are you making 2019 the year of upgrades? Well, why not start with your water heater! One of the most beneficial home upgrades — a tankless unit can not only help you ensure your home stays flood free (as there is no fear of a tank burst), but it’s also a great way to increase your home’s value.

If you’re not entirely sold on the benefits of going tankless — here are three important reasons why you should make the switch:

1. Your Energy Bill Is High

Thought it might be an upfront investment to upgrade to a tankless water heater, you’ll save money in the long run. The significant difference between a tank and tankless unit — is how the water is heated. A water heater tank is continually heating the water, while a tankless only heats the water on demand. This saves energy as well as water.

2. You Need Extra Space

Is your water heater tank taking up some valuable closet space? Is it stopping you from utilizing your basement to the best of your ability? A tankless unit is not only smaller in size, but it can also be hung or mounted on a wall, saving you floor space and opening a world of redecorating options.

3. You Are Looking For Lower Maintenance

You might not need to maintain your water heater tank that often, but when failure hits, it does need to be replaced. When it comes to a tankless unit, this is not the case. Instead of a full tank replacement, you can replace the failing part. You will still need to do regular cleaning, but by replacing parts instead of a whole unit —you can almost double your system’s lifespan.

The new year is almost here, so why not make 2019 the year of change? If you are looking to finally upgrade your trusty water heater, the experts at Scott Hale, are here to help. Contact us today to schedule your upgrade.