How To Heat Your Home During A Holiday Party

The holiday season can be a busy one, filled with shopping, cooking, and cleaning. While you begin to start prepping for your annual family celebration, keep one thing in mind — your home’s temperature. As the house starts to get packed, and the dinner is in the oven, your home can quickly turn from jolly and cool, to sweaty and full. So as we head towards the holiday we ho ho hope you remember these tips to keep your home at a reasonable temp.

Family celebrating their holiday dinner

Use Your Curtains

Curtains are more than just a beautiful decor piece; they have some function too. Instead of cranking up the heat to keep the home warm and comfy, let the sun shine through! It can add some added warmth and save you energy too. 

Keep Humidity Low

A comfortable house is one with an average humidity level. In the winter, homes can often become a bit dry and stuffy. So if your home is feeling a bit drier than usual, use a humidifier before your guests arrive to ensure your home is comfortable. 

Think Of Body Heat

If you are planning a house full of guests for this holiday season, you’ll want to keep the temperature in mind. Too many people in one place can create a whole lot of heat, so keep the temperature low and cool when guest arrive to make up for the extra heat they will be bringing. 

Make Use Of Fans 

If you are planning a massive holiday feast, your oven will adequately be working overtime to get everything ready and warm. The extra heat and humidity can make your house hot and uncomfortable. To avoid the extra warmth, use your exhaust and ceiling fans to let the excess heat escape and the fresh air to circulate.

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