Could Your Plumbing Problems Be Caused By Your Kids?

Though you might take your plumbing care seriously, there may be one family member that’s not quite there, and that’s your children. From clogging the sink with hair, too seeing what can fit down the toilet — these little things can all be the cause of your plumbing woes.

child covering the bathroom with toilet paper
So What Everyday Things Could Your Kids Be Doing To Your Toilet And Drains?

Using Too Much Toilet Paper

As potty training gets into full force, it can be very tempting for your kid to use excess wads of toilet paper leaving you with some severe clogs. Beyond the regular potty time — it often can be very tempting to see your toilet paper roll as a toy, too. 

If you’re noticing that your home’s going through a lot more toilet paper than usual, and your plunger is continually getting put to good use — you might want to keep the child lock on a bit longer.

Sharing There Leftovers

Though we’d love to say your kid is probably always finishing his vegetables — if your sink or toilets are clogged continuously, you might want to do some detective work. Flushing leftover foods down the toilet, or forcing them down your drain can undoubtedly lead to a significant backup. 

Many foods, especially fibrous vegetables, and fruits can swell up or stick to your pipes and cause a major plumbing problem. So next time your children scrape their plates or run to the bathroom, make sure they know that their leftovers belong in the garbage — not down the drains.

Playing With Bath Toys

Bath time can be oh so fun, but without proper supervision, your kid could associate their bath toys with any form of water — even toilet water. Though splashing their toys around the porcelain bowl isn’t the worst thing they can do — with one brave flush, you could be in trouble! One flushed toy could leave you with a flooded bathroom and significant repair.

To keep your plumbing issues low, utilize child safety locks, install drain strainers, and teach your kids about what can and can not go down the toilet and drains. With a little knowledge and supervision, you can put your kids’ plumbing play to rest.

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