Common Causes Of A Leaky Faucet

Oh, that slow, annoying drip, that spurt of water that splashes you every time you turn on the faucet. We’ve all experienced it, and we’ve often ignored it — but luckily some of the most common causes of a leaky faucet can quickly become a DIY quick fix. So if you are dealing with a constant faucet drip, here’s what to look for: 

A Damaged Part

A damaged part is probably the most common cause of a leaky faucet and one that can be easily fixed too! If it’s a steady drip, it could be an issue inside the tap. It could be a seal issue, a problem with the o-ring or as simple as needing a new washer. If you are noticing a drip, this is the first place you should check.

The Cartridge Is Worn Out

If your pesky leak doesn’t seem like it’s due to damaged parts, your next step is to test the cartridge; this is the part that connects to the handle, and after time it can get worn out.  It’s easily replaceable just be sure to measure it carefully so that you are replacing it with the right part. 

Improper Water Pressure

So if neither of these seems to be the issue, the next step is to look at your water pressure. Water pressure that is too high can cause water to back up in other areas of your faucet, and with nowhere to go, it can lead to a leak. Though it’s not an immediate issue that needs fixing, you’ll want to consider lowering your water pressure so that further damage doesn’t occur.

Broken Plumbing

So now that you’ve gotten the easy fixes out of the way, it’s time to consider a bigger one — broken plumbing. Now, this is not a standard issue but is one that can occur. If there is a crack in a pipe, it can cause leaks under your sink and you might also find that the faucet is connected to will randomly drip. If this is your issue, you’ll want to contact your local plumber to take a look. 

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