5 Reasons Your Pipes Are Frozen

The cold winter nights are here, and with it comes the one plumbing fear every homeowner should have — frozen pipes. Not having access to running water, and the dreaded burst that comes with it will leave you never wanting to experience frozen pipes again. If you were one of those unlucky homeowners to wake up or come home to a frozen pipe, chances are one of these five things were to blame:

frozen home pipe

1. You Shut The Heat Off

If you left for a weekend getaway, you might have thought it was best to leave the heat off. And if you ended upcoming home to frozen pipes or a burst — that is why. A cold home leads to water freezing inside the pipes, and can eventually lead to significant rupture — so always keep your house above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. 

2. You Didn’t Let The Faucet Drips

If you did come home to find a burst pipe — it could be due to the pressure inside them. To avoid this, leave your faucet on just enough to drip. 

3. All Doors Were Closed

Though you might have left the heat on — covered pipes don’t always have easy access to the heat supply, leading to a higher chance of freezing. 

4. There Was No Insulation 

Poorly insulated pipes are more likely to freeze — that’s why we suggest investing in some heating tape. It’s affordable and can get you through the winter burst-free.

5. You Had A Crack

Is there a considerable gap between the wall and your plumbing? These gaps can be letting cold air in where you don’t want it, leading to frozen pipes. To ensure your plumbing is winter ready, add insulation around these areas.

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