5 Holiday Foods That Should Never Go Down The Drain

There are always those unexpected or unwanted guests on Thanksgiving, but this year, don’t have it be your plumber! Prepping and cleaning your Thanksgiving day feast can be a tiring feat, but so can be cleaning the drain clogs afterward. To keep your pipes in the best shape possible and stop the unnecessary need to break out the drain cleaner, here are five-holiday foods that are a pipe and garbage disposal don’t.

1. Oil And Grease

Grease is your plumbings worse nightmare. When you place grease down your drain, though it might go down as liquid — it won’t stay that way. Fats, grease, and oils will eventually harden, and when it does, it will fill your pipes and could cause a significant clog. Dispose of all grease in your waste can and be careful to not get any of it down the drain.

2. Butter

Butter has a similar effect as grease does. Butter will stick to the sides of your pipes, and over time it can build up. Once it builds up, it becomes a messy water-resistant barrier that can require a major plumbing fix. So try to avoid excess butter from going down the drain.

3. Eggshells

Have a garbage disposal? The sharp little edges of eggshells are dangerous for the motor and can get stuck and wear down its parts. So while you are baking and cooking keep your sink eggshell free.

4. Expandable Foods

Pasta and rice might seem like a soft, smooth texture, but the more water, the more they expand. As they expand, some might even get sticky and cling to the side of your pipe leading to a clog.

5. Coffee Grinds

Coffee grinds can lead to a very messy situation. The grinds stick to your pipes like sludge or cement. You are better off letting them go from the coffee can to the trash can.

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