3 Things To Expect During Your Heater Tune-Up

The Importance Of Keeping Up With Regular Maintenance

Though most people don’t often think of their heating system until it breaks down or needs repairs, this isn’t the best practice. With life being as busy as it is, it’s easy to put routine appointments off to the side, like your heater tune-up. 

For many, they might see it as an extra home expense, but in reality, this routine visit from your trusted tech ensures that you are giving your heating system a long and efficient lifespan. 

If you’re in need of a tune-up, and not sure what to expect, here are three major things we can ensure will occur during your annual tune-up: 

1. A Detailed Inspection

From your thermostat to your heating exchange, an essential part of your tune-up is the detailed examination we do of all its parts. Your tech will inspect your wiring, airflow, thermostat, and combustion systems. Some of the many things they’ll look for include:

  • Leaks or damage in your air ducts
  • The efficiency of your pilot light or gas-powered unit
  • Loose parts or poor wire connections 
  • Moisture or rust in the housing and ducts

Spotting many of these issues early can help prevent further damage from occurring down the road. 

2. A Deep Clean

Not only will your system get an inspection from top to bottom, but it will also get a yearly cleaning too. Your filters will be examined and replaced for better air quality. Your blower will be cleaned, the wheels lubricated, and if needed, ports of your gas valve or pilot tubes will be cleaned for top efficiency. 

3. Identifying And Notifying You Of Any Issues

The main reason to keep up with your inspections is so that you don’t wait until a little leak or wire issue leads to a breakdown. A professional can spot minor things that you might not notice until it’s too late. Not to mention, if your system is under warranty, this will help ensure your abiding by it. 

Heating Tune-ups in Salt Lake City

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