Dirty AC Unit Filter

3 Summer AC Maintenance Tips

Many people look forward to summer as an opportunity to enjoy the sunshine and warmer weather, but everyone knows there are days when you’d much rather spend your time in the cool interior of your home than outside, where heat and humidity can make life uncomfortable.

It’s perhaps no surprise that AC systems become a lot more important during the summer alongside swimsuits and sunscreen. However, with increased usage, you’ll also increase the need for proper maintenance if you want to avoid having the AC system break down.

Here are some summertime AC maintenance tips you can implement:

Change The Air Filter

Dust is a part of life, and though you may do your best to prevent it from building up too much, it will inevitably find its way into the air conditioning system of your home. Your HVAC system is designed to move air throughout your home, which means any of the dust that accumulates will get sucked into the system. For that reason, you must plan to replace your filters on a regular basis.

A clogged air filter will reduce your AC system’s efficiency and increase the chances of problems occurring throughout the summer. However, by changing it monthly, you sacrifice a couple of minutes to increase your comfort and peace of mind.

Adjust The Thermostat

With days becoming longer, no school in session, and other changes to the daily schedule, you’ll probably find that you need to run the AC longer. As a result, you should evaluate whether your thermostat is set correctly to keep your home comfortable.

If you don’t adjust the thermostat schedule, you’ll risk spending more on utilities and making your system work harder without any substantive payoff to show for it.

Clean The Condenser

Much like the air filter, your AC system’s condenser can become clogged with dirt and debris over time. So when you’re cutting grass, trimming shrubs, or performing other yard work, take time to clear away any debris that gets caught in the fins on your external condenser unit, so your system operates at peak efficiency.

For more summertime AC maintenance tips or to schedule an AC tune-up, call the Scott Hale team today!