Winter Prep For Your Pipes

A cold winter night is a perfect time to cuddle under the blankets and watch a movie. However, when it comes to a cold night and your plumbing, the outcome can be not so pleasant. Without proper protection, a leak or significant break can occur. So to keep your winter nights cozy and the mornings plumbing-emergency free, here’s how to prep your pipes for winter:

Frozen pipe

Consider Insulating Your Pipes

Though plastic pipes are less likely to freeze, copper and steel pipes are not. With heat tape and slip-on foam insulation, protect any exposed copper or steel pipes in your home. This will protect them from becoming so cold that the water will become frozen, putting pressure on the pipes and causing damage. Both of these materials can be found for an affordable price at your local hardware store. 

Let The Faucet Drip On Cold Nights

When water is free running and continuously flowing, it will not freeze. When the nights drop down into the low digits, let a faucet slowly drip to prevent pipe freeze. Your best bet is to do so in your tub. 

Open The Cabinets Nightly

Another way to ensure all pipes are exposed to heat is by opening the cabinets under your sink at night. This will allow the heat to get in and reduces your chances of a pipe freeze in the morning. 

If you happen to wake up to a plumbing freeze, have no fear, Scott Hale is here! Our experienced team of plumbing experts can use excess the issue and get your plumbing fixed in no time. Call today; we come today!