The Importance Of Proper Insulation

Winter has arrived and with it comes the cold nights and drafty homes, but that second part doesn’t have to be. With the right insulation, your home can be comfy and cozy in no time. If you forget the extra cost and remember the overall benefits and you can be headed toward an adequately heated home with a lower electric bill! So if you’re living in a poorly insulated home, here’s why you need to fix that ASAP.

home insulation

It’s Better For Your System

A well-insulated house is one that is draft free. Without drafts, your heat doesn’t have to be cranking to get to your optimal temperature. When you have poor insulation, your heating is escaping and leaving some rooms colder than others. When your home is insulated as it should be, you can then keep your heat at the right temperature; your system is saving energy and causing you fewer chances of repairs in the future.

It’s Better For Your Comfort

Tired of always bundling up, or never feeling like the home is at the right temperature? It could be due to too many drafts. By insulating your home and windows, you can keep the heat in where it belongs. No need to find the hot spots in the house to sit anymore! 

It’s Better For Your Wallet 

The effects of insulation pay off! By keeping your home properly insulated you are keeping your energy bill low! Say goodbye to heating the neighborhood and hello to extra electrical savings. Another plus — your HVAC will have less wear and tear giving you more life on your system.

Your insulation and heating system go hand and hand! If you’re looking to keep your Salt Lake City home’s heating and air systems operating at its best,  schedule your tune-up with the experts Scott Hale Plumbing, Heating & Air today!