8 Ways to Modernize Your Bathroom on a Budget

There are many different ways to go about a bathroom makeover on a budget. If you are itching for a remodel but just can’t fit it into your budget, consider adding affordable decor or minor DIY bathroom renovations.

Here are eight ways to perform a quick bathroom makeover on a budget:

1. Upgrade Bathroom Fixtures

bathroom makeover on a budget

A simple upgrade to your bathroom’s plumbing fixtures can provide that sleek, modern look you’re aiming for in the bathroom. Upgrading to a more contemporary style of faucets or shower fixtures can modernize any bathroom.

Additionally, consider the style of lighting fixtures in your bathroom. From the fixture itself to the temperature of light that it’s projecting, ensure the lighting sets the perfect mood for your ideal bathroom. A new lighting fixture, like a chandelier, can add a level of sophistication that wasn’t there before.

2. Add Some Personality

Reflect on what your dream bathroom would look like. What’s the color scheme? Are there mirrors or art? Is the art abstract or contemporary? After deciding the type of decor you want to see in your bathroom, start by searching at antique stores, thrift shops, and flea markets for ideal pieces to add to your bathroom makeover haul.

Some of the best and cheapest finds are salvaged from antique and thrift shops, especially vintage decor. If you have a good eye, renovating antique furniture can be a powerful tool to modernize your bathroom and create a stylish, inviting space without breaking the bank.

3. Customize With Color

Painting your bathroom walls is a cost-effective and transformative way to create a modern and refreshed space. Opt for monochromatic colors for a sleek appearance, or paint an accent wall with statement colors for a bold look.

Experiment with a two-tone color scheme by painting the upper and lower parts of the walls in different colors. This approach can visually break up the space while also adding a modern twist.

4. Add Accent Tiles

modernize your bathroom

Choose accent tiles with interesting textures for your walls, such as 3D tiles or tiles with raised patterns. Textured tiles can add depth and tactile interest to the bathroom, creating a modern and visually engaging environment, especially for small bathroom makeovers where there’s not as much space to work with.

Additionally, accent tiles create a focal point in the bathroom. This could be a feature wall behind the vanity, around the bathtub, or in the shower area. The focal point draws attention and adds a contemporary touch to the space.

5. Switch Up Your Vanity

Take your bathroom sink from boring to bold with a vintage vanity. Repurpose an old piece of furniture to give your bathroom a standout piece that contains the extra storage space you need. Just don’t forget to keep size in mind.

If you like the vanity you already have but are still bored with the view, try painting it. You can opt to paint the whole vanity the same color or create visual contrast by painting the cabinets and features of the vanity in different colors.

6. Try Alternative Flooring

From vinyl planks to patterned tiles, there are various options for switching up the flooring in your bathroom. You can opt for large format tiles to achieve a minimalist and seamless look or patterned tiles to add visual interest. The options are limitless.

7. Update Bathroom Hardware

Although it doesn’t seem like a big change, updating your bathroom hardware, like the knobs and handles on the vanity, can add a touch of elegance or boldness, depending on the style.

For best results, consider coordinating the color and style of the hardware with towel bars, lighting fixtures, and door hardware for a more comprehensive look.

8. Replace the Toilet Seat

Replacing your toilet seat can be a simple way to make the bathroom look newer and more modern. With the toilet being the most used component in the bathroom, it’s been through plenty of wear and tear. A new toilet seat can be the perfect addition to your freshly updated bathroom, especially with features like soft-close and high-shine finishes. Plus, toilet seats are easy to install.

Whether it’s a complete overhaul or selectively updating key fixtures, a bathroom makeover on a budget can greatly enhance its functionality, aesthetics, and overall appeal.

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