How To Avoid Mold In Your AC

When it comes to your AC, no mold is good mold, but sometimes finding or preventing mold is a bigger task than we think so you must be prepared. To keep you and your family healthy, and your AC and home mold-free, follow these tips: 

Keep Moisture Low

One of the best ways to fight mold is by keeping humidity at bay. To keep humidity down, you’ll want to invest in an AC with humidity control. Not only does your AC cool off the room, but it helps keep moisture low too. 

Keep The Flow

One common mistake many homeowners make is shutting off their AC. Yes, if you are not at home it might seem like a waste of energy, but in reality, it’s the opposite. Shutting off your AC will increase moisture in the air, allowing for mold to grow wild. When it’s time to turn it back on your AC will now how to work overtime to get the air cooled down again and wasting energy. Instead of shutting down your AC completely, keep your unit on “auto.”

Regular Maintenance 

One of the best ways to stop mold is by preventing it. Your AC should be cleaned and check regularly. Keep an eye out for any signs of water in or around your AC and schedule regular maintenance. Mold loves dark, warm places, and your AC unit is just that. Dust is another contributing factor in the growth of mold so try keeping your unit dust free. You can do so by vacuuming it regularly. A clean AC is the best way to ensure a mold free one! 

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