Getting Your Bathroom Ready For Summer Guests

Graduations, birthday and holidays are all upon us, and with them can come a lot of traction in your home. The summer months are creeping up and making them run a bit smoother this year; you’ll want to prep your home and your bathroom for the guests that are about to come. 

To better prepare yourself for the company ahead, here are just a few things you can do now to get your bathroom ready for your summer guests: 

Deep Clean

Now is the time to give your main bathroom the scrub it needs. Deep clean your tiles, your toilet, and your tub. Your guests will thank you! 

Stock Up

Stock up on toilet paper, add extra towels and toiletries so your guest won’t run out. Have an expensive shampoo that you just don’t want to waste? Add some sample sizes for your overnight guests to enjoy while they stay! 

Fix Constant Clogs

If your bathtub isn’t draining well, or you are BFF’s with your plunger, now is the time to nip those clogs in the butt. Stop using the quick fixes and have your plumber take a look. The last thing you want is to have to call us during your party or event. 

Check Water Pressure

Low water pressure might seem like something that can easily be ignored, but it’s a sign of something more. A slow leak or pipe issue can be to blame, and if ignored, it can lead to significant burst. Take care of this issue now, so your summer isn’t a wash!

Add More Storage Space

Now is the best time to declutter! Add hidden storage spaces, get rid of things that are taking up too much space, and add extra towel racks if needed. If you have out of town guest staying for awhile, they will need a place to put their stuff, so the less clutter, the better.


When the last time you gave your bathroom walls a fresh coat of paint? Change broken knobs, paint where you need and fix any broken or leaky faucets or tiles. These little DIY updates will give your bathroom a fresh new feel.

Fresh Scents

Once you’ve tackled the more significant things, nows the time to add some air fresheners. Want a bright and natural look? Add some fresh flowers to your bathroom decor! 

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