Your Fall Home Maintenance List

With fall around the corner, it’s the perfect time to get your home ready for the first day of frost. Though it might seem like months away, it could sneak up on you so to be prepared, here’s your Fall Home Maintenance checklist:

Outdoor Plumbing Check

Now is the time to get your plumbing prepped for winter. Before the nights get brutally cold, you’ll want to remove your garden hose. If you leave it out, the water will freeze and could crack your hose and ruin it, so it’s best to pack it away until next spring. Don’t forget to make sure all the water is out of it too. Check all your outside faucets for drips or leaks and schedule repairs before the winter hits. If you have an interior shut-off value, you’ll want to close and drain the water from all your outside lines too. A little time now will save you from a significant repair later.

Check Your Water Heater

It’s time to get your water heater prepped for its hardest working months. To keep it going all winter long, you’ll want to flush it out now as build up can not only cause corrosion but shorten its lifespan and reduce its overall efficiency. If you are unsure exactly how to drain your water heater, your manufacturer should have directions for your make and model on their website.

Get An HVAC Tune Up

Your AC has been going all summer long, working its hardest to keep your home fresh and comfortable. As the weather begins to cool off, you’ll want to clean or change your air filters, check the air ducts for any clogs, and make sure there’s no leaks or damage. Your outdoor HVAC unit should be free of bushes and be left uncovered. To avoid any major breakdowns, schedule a regular HVAC tune up. These simple task will extend your HVAC system’s life and keep it working at its best year round.

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