Why Is My Water Pressure Low?

When it comes to your water pressure, it should all be about balance. Though hard water can make for an enjoyable shower, it can be wasteful and harmful for your plumbing. On the opposite end, low water pressure is not only undesirable for showers, but it’s also often caused by a bigger issue. 

why you may have low water pressure

There are a variety of reasons your water pressure could have suddenly decreased, but below are some of the most common causes, and whether or not it’s an issue you can solve on your own, it’s still one you’ll want a professional plumber to take a look at:

Check With The Neighbors

First thing is; first, you’ll want to ensure your not the only one with this issue. Talk to your neighbors or call the town to ensure your home is the only one with the low water issue. 

Clogged Fixtures

One of the most common causes of low water pressure — older plumbing fixtures can become clogged with limescale, dirt, and rust, affecting your water flow. If this is the case, a simple replacement can do the trick.

Possible Leak

A significant leak, if unspotted or treated can leave you with a reduction in water flow and a sudden increase in your water bill. Tricky to find, a plumbing leak can also leave you with water damage and mold, so you’ll want to have a professional help you find the source ASAP.

Old Pipes

If you are unsure how old your plumbing is, old pipes could be the cause of your water pressure woes. Over time, older pipes begin to corrode and can lead to a decreased flow in water. If this is the case, you will need a professional plumber to replace and upgrade the corroded plumbing.

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