Why Does My Toilet Water Look Dirty After I Flush?

Unless you keep your toilet water a constant shade of blue with toilet bowl tablets, your water, after you flush, should be clean and clear. However, for some homeowners, they might start noticing that every time they flush, that clear water now appears to have a brownish or dirty tinge to it. If this is the case for you, there could be a couple of issues at hand. 

Here’s what to consider if your toilet looks dirty after you flush:

Is It Just Your Toilet Water? 

The first thing you want to consider is if it’s just a single toilet or a few different water fixtures throughout the house. If it only happens in an isolated toilet, you might want to check the tank. Look to see if any of the bolts are rusted or if the water in there is rusted, too. If it’s occurring in a few fixtures, read on. 

What’s The State Of Your Pipes?

If you have cast iron or lead pipes, they can corrode over time, leaving flakes that live in your water supply. If you notice an orange-to-brown hue in all your water supply, you might want to consider repiping. Often, replacing just an isolated area could fix the issue, or in some cases, the whole system may need to be replaced.

Consider Water Conditioning 

Is the main issue you’re seeing a rusty toilet ring? You could be dealing with hard water. Not only will this leave an unpleasant look in your toilet, but it can also build up in your plumbing, harm your plumbing, and shorten the life of your appliances. If you think your home is battling hard water, you’ll want to consider water softening options.

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