Why Do Tree Roots Love Sewer Lines?

Have any idea what’s going on with your plumbing system underground? Well, there’s a good chance tree roots could be making their way into your sewer line, and no, they are definitely not welcome! Tree roots can cause major headaches for homeowners across the country and they’re ruining thousands of sewer lines every day!

So, why are tree roots attracted to sewer lines in the first place? Find out below!

Why Do Tree Roots Love Plumbing Lines?

Similar to humans, tree roots need water and oxygen to survive. In fact, they’re attracted to the nutrients commonly found in sewer pipes and of course, these pipes are filled with water and oxygen. 

But how do they get in?

Tree roots tend to grow toward sewer pipes to begin with and if your line is cracked, even the tiniest bit, they can slowly creep inside. 

Once inside, they have access to the nutrients they need in order to grow, and when they grow, problems arise in the form of blocking the flow of water and waste causing backups in your home. 

What Happens If Tree Roots Invade?

Well, we already mentioned that tree roots in your sewer line can cause severe plumbing issues. But what should you do to resolve the problem?

It’s time to call in the experts.

We’ll help you identify the “root cause” of the problem and get it fixed fast! In fact, our advanced drain technology can help you with a more accurate diagnosis that saves you time and money. Sounds great, right?

Well, what are you waiting for? The longer you put off the issues, the worse it will become for your home’s plumbing system. Give the expert drain cleaning and drain repair specialists at Scott Hale a call today!