Why Am I Always Cold At Work?

Though it might be quite easy to judge the weather outdoors, sometimes you can never tell how the weather in your office will be. It could be a hot summers day, but as soon as you hit your desk, you feel like a cold breeze is blowing directly at you. Going from the warm to cold can be frustrating, but it’s also known to lower your daily productivity, too. 

If you find yourself still using your desk heater or leaving a blank at your desk year round, you’re not alone! In fact, you can thank science for that! How? We’ll explain more below:

Blame Your Gender

When it comes to large office buildings, the basic temperature is based off an outdated formula. With the majority of the 1960’s workforce being male, mid 40’s average weight, the temperature was set to accommodate them, flash forward to today — and that is no longer the case. With women making up half these offices, the average comfortable temperature from the old study leaves most women wearing layers and wrapping themselves in winter wear to stay warm.

Blame Your Wardrobe

Not only is the outdated system keeping you cold, in many work settings, but men are also wearing long sleeves, pants and often suits; While women will opt more towards summer like attire, with skirts and dresses. This difference in office wear is what could make a few degrees difference, leaving women feeling the discomfort.

Blame Science

In general, women often have a lower metabolic rate, making them burn energy off slower than a man. Giving off less heat increases your chances of being colder. So add this to the temperature setting and wardrobe, and no wonder you’re shivering and shaking at your desk. 

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