When Should I Replace My Toilet?

Your trusty toilet. The throne of your bathroom. The porcelain throne, that every queen and king deserves. But how do we know when to say goodbye to your friend and trade it in for a new one? If you find yourself wondering, “when should I replace my toilet?”, we have some common answers below: 

When There’s A Constant Need For Your Plunger

If you are always pulling out the plunger to unclog your toilet, it might be time for an upgrade. Now a clog here and there is average, but if you are finding that at least once a week, you are fighting to flush, it might be that your toilet has reached its lifespan. 

When There Are Cracks

If you walk into your bathroom to notice a puddle beginning around your toilet, it could be caused by a crack in your shower. Now, this won’t directly cause issues with your toilets performance, it can lead to excessive water waste, and if ignored, can lead to mold and mildew growth. Check the bowl or tank for a crack or listen for constant running water. You can also place a few drops of dye in your tank or bowl, to identify if the leak is coming from your toilet. If it is, you’ll want to replace it before the issue worsens.

When Your Toilet Has Reached Its Golden Years

We know that parting with your toilet based on age might seem like a silly concept. Especially when it’s still working as it should, but an older toilet might be less efficient than an older model.

Newer models are often built with water conservation and utility costs in mind. By switching to a dual-flush model, you can choose whether you are flushing water or solids, allowing you to use the proper amount of water each time. Not only is it a green choice, but it’s also a wallet-friendly one, too!
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