What’s In Your Cleaning Products? Top Tips For Eco-Friendly Cleaning

We know you probably have your go-to cleaning products, the one you can’t live without, but, do you know what’s in them? Not all household cleaners are created equal, and there are many non-toxic options and eco-friendly ways you can get your house spic an span. 

So to begin safely cleaning your home, and start choosing your cleaning products more wisely, here’s what you need to know:

Read Labels When You Buy Products

Before you throw it in your cart, read the label closely. Next, you’ll want to keep in mind is what products to avoid with what. One thing you should never do is work with bleach and ammonia, as it will create a dangerous gas. Always make sure you have proper ventilation when cleaning with these products, too.

Invest In White Vinegar

From bad odors to cutting grease — distilled white vinegar can clean and shine your home in no time. Use it to clean your windows and glass, or clean your wood furniture. Affordable, and non-toxic too.

Ditch The Paper Towels

While we are at it, nows the perfect time to stop wasting all the paper products and start using reusable microfiber cloths. They are super absorbent, making cleaning time quicker, and they can be used for virtually all your cleaning needs, too.

Get Those Hard To Reach Areas

Have a supply of free tooth bushes from your regular cleanings? Purchase them in bulk and never seem to get through them all? Well, we have the perfect use for them — to clean! From your floors to your bathroom doors tracks, a toothbrush can get into those small little areas with soft enough bristles to do it safely, too.

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