What Your Lawn Could Be Saying About Your Plumbing

We like to think of our homes as never needing help or repair. The truth is, we live in them all the time and occasionally they need our help to keep providing us with shelter and protection.

One of the home systems that needs routine maintenance and repair is the plumbing system; in particular the drainage system.

The drainage and sewer systems are the workhorses of our homes. We need them to work perfectly all the time. When they don’t, we need them repaired immediately.

How To Use The Lawn To Spot Sewer Problems

All the drains in our homes run into a common pipe called the lateral connection. That connection leads to the city sewer system. Sometimes due to age or earth tremors, that lateral connections cracks and sewage can leak into our yard.

When that happens, we can tell in a couple of ways. We might see spots of green grass growing much better than everywhere else. The yard has sunken wet spots or smells like sewage.

None of those are good things.

Occasionally, a drain carrying waste to the sewer backs up and that water it is supposed to be carrying goes out into the yard. In that case, we might notice the same symptoms again: wet spots, bright green grass, and bad smells.

How To Use The Lawn To Spot Water Leaks

Occasionally water pipes break or spring leaks. If the yard has sudden unexplained wet spots or pools of water, there might be a leak in the main service line or irrigation system.

We Can Help

These are serious issues and we can take care of them. We have years of experience and professional staff. If you notice any of these problems in your yard, ScottHale.com can help. We’ll have your home back to normal as quickly as possible.