What To Expect With An HVAC Tune-Up

Experts recommend having a HVAC equipment tune-up at least twice a year. In most cases, this type of heating and cooling maintenance occurs in the autumn and the spring. You might wonder what services are included in a heating, venting and air conditioner tune-up, and the maintenance that is provided can vary. However, here are the typical things that you can expect from most furnace or air conditioner tune-ups.

Maintenance Tip 1: Checking The Equipment’s Thermostat 

The technician will turn on the equipment’s thermostat to verify that it is working before completing any other tune-up tasks. After verifying that the air conditioner or furnace will turn on, the technician will turn off the system to perform the other maintenance tasks. 

Maintenance Tip 2: Cleaning The Components 

A technician cleans the components of a furnace or air conditioner to remove the collection of dust that can make the equipment overheat. Removing this debris can make a building’s heating and cooling equipment more efficient so that the monthly utility bills are lower. 

Maintenance Tip 3: Changing The Filters 

It is essential to change the filters in a furnace or air conditioner so that the equipment operates optimally. The technician will have an assortment of filters on a service van so that it is easy to change the items. 

Maintenance Tip 4: Lubricating Mechanisms 

If an air conditioner or furnace is making a lot of noise, then a mechanism probably requires lubrication. With the right type of lubrication, climate-control equipment is quieter. 

At Scott Hale Plumbing, Heating and Air in Salt Lake City, we also inspect a building’s venting system to verify that there is hot or cold air that doesn’t contain dangerous carbon monoxide. Call us today at 801-783-2739 for additional information about tune-ups.