What To Do Once Your Plunger Fails

Fixing A Toilet Clogs 

We’ve all been there, a flush, a delay, and then the sudden realization that your toilet is about to overflow. As you begin to panic, you are most likely going to reach for a plunger. In some cases, this will do the trick, and peace will be restored in your bathroom. If it doesn’t read on:

plunger used for a clogged toilet.

In other instances, you could find yourself plunging away with no results. If that’s the case, don’t despair, Scott Hale is there with some trusty tips to get you clog-free in no time:

Get Out The Auger

Also known as a snake, a toilet auger might be the best man for the job. Place the end of the snake into your toilet bowl, and slowly turn the handle clockwise. You should feel resistance, and continue until you can move the auger with ease. Once you can, give your toilet a flush. If you still don’t have a normal flush, or can’t break the resistance, it’s time to move on.

Consider Some Hot Water

Boiling water and soap could be all you need to get that toilet back up and running again! First, squirt some soap directly into your toilet bowl, next you’ll want to pour about a gallon of water, that’s heated to almost a boil, into the bowl. Let it sit for several minutes so that it can soften the clog. Give it a flush, and hopefully, you are clog-free! 

Contact The Professionals 

If you are exhausting all measures, and your toilet clog won’t budge, it’s time to call in the professional at Scott Hale.