What These AC Sounds Mean

Does your AC go bump in the night? Is their constant loud rumbles and grumbles that were not there once before? Of course, some lower AC sounds are normal — but the bigger, more obvious ones are often signs that something significant is occurring. So if you are hearing any of the below signs going on in your AC, here’s what it could mean and how to know when it’s time to get it fixed:

air conditioning noises


Rattle and clanking can be the sign that a part is loose, but when that loosened part detaches it changes to banging and thumping, that often that means your loose piece is now free and moving around your system. So it’s best to stop this problem at the rattle and clanking stages. If you do get to the banging stage, you could be causing some severe damage to the rest of the system.


We aren’t talking about the regular clicking that goes on with your typical start-up and shutdown; that noise is normal. If you hear constant on and off clicking, it could be an issue in your thermostat or a defective part. Usually, this clicking comes from something electrical, meaning you’ll want to get it fixed ASAP. 


If you are hanging outside, and that annoying buzzing isn’t from bees, bugs or other summer things — it could be your AC, and it could be due to a variety of situations. Often the most common thing is a loose part, fan blade, a cleaning is needed, or a part that is beginning to go. Either way, no matter the noise, it’s best to get it checked as soon as possible.

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