Mini Split

What Is Ductless Air Conditioning?

When living in a household with several other people, the temperature setting can be an ongoing issue. Some may like it warmer while others prefer it cooler. In most cases, there is no way to control the temperature per room because the unit controls all the rooms. With a central air conditioning and heating system, this is to be expected. 

Luckily, there is a solution. With ductless air conditioning, a household of four, for instance, can set four different rooms to various temperatures. Ductless air conditioning, or mini-split systems, as they are also known, offer a great option to homes who find themselves in disagreement over the thermostat. Below, we’ll explore how these systems work and what other benefits they provide!

How Do They Work Within The Home? 

Mini-split AC units work differently than any other units, based on the requirements and internal composition. Because they are ductless and run on inverter-driven compressors, they are much more energy-efficient. In fact, systems that utilize ductwork are said to lose 25 percent or more of their energy in the typical home. Also, inverter-driven compressors do not require as much energy to function, for they do not shut off entirely like the traditional HVAC compressor is known to do. Rather, they will slow down or speed up, requiring less effort than it would take to start-up from being completely shut off.

Inherent Benefits To Ductless Systems

Based on the information reviewed so far, we already know that they offer a more energy-efficient solution, and they provide temperature zoning from room-to-room. Let’s review these in more detail with some other added features.

Greater Level Of Comfort

With temperature control being available from room-to-room, these systems can offer greater comfort to those within the home. This allows for more peace of mind within the home, too, by minimizing arguments over the thermostat.

Energy Efficiency Increased 

Besides the more efficient compressors within the ductless AC units, there are more ways in which these units tend to be energy efficient. Without ductwork needed, the efficiency is increased, for there is no concern for leaks. Interestingly enough, for a ductless installation, there is only a tiny hole is drilled into the wall, making it less likely that there will be air leakage.

Easy Installation

Another benefit of this heating and air conditioning system is that no new ductwork is needed during installation. They can be professionally installed quicker than a unit that needs ductwork, so with that said, installation is more efficient. Particularly, it makes the most sense for homes with a few rooms.

Space Saver

When dealing with small spaces, every inch counts. With that in mind, making the most of your space is essential, and mini-split systems allow for this. They are not only smaller than other systems such as window units and central systems, but they are simpler too.

Making The Change For Your Home

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