What Is Dirty Sock Syndrome?

Have you been spending your time looking for that weird smell around your home? If it still smells after you take out the garbage, all the laundry is done in your home, and your gym bag is empty and clean, it could be your HVAC system.

the smell of dirty socks from the HVAC system.

Is It Dirty Sock Syndrome?

Just like the name, the term dirty sock syndrome comes from the type of smell your air conditioner puts out. For most, they would describe the scent as if someone put their dirty gym sock into the air conditioner. This often occurs in those in-between temperatures, when your AC or heating isn’t being used as much. Moisture can buildup on the coils, and lead to a not so pleasant stench. 

It’s Time For A Cleaning

That smell filling up your home is probably coming from your evaporator coil. Often when this little piece of your HVAC system, what is inside your handler or blower, gets dirty, It lets off smell. Beyond it is ready for a cleaning, the dirt and debris that’s on it now have organisms feeding on it, which is what is causing that smell. This could be mold or other bacteria, and if left ignored, it can continue to grow.

What It Means For Your Home

Beyond being gross and just unpleasant, if not precisely, the worst thing that can happen to your home. However, if ignored, it could lead to mold throughout a check system and make for expensive cleaning and eventually create illness around the house. So if you suspect, but dirty sock syndrome is living in your HVAC system, it’s better to have it looked at as soon as possible.

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