What Are Your AC Options?

Is lack of windows in your rental making your cooling options seem limited? Is a fan just not cutting it?

In need of a new AC

Just because you might not own your home or apartment, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a cool and comfortable home environment! Besides wall and window units, there is another very affordable and accessible option, and that’s with a  ductless AC.

What Is A Ductless AC?

A Ductless AC is nonintrusive wall unit that can be placed up high in any room, to keep the humidity low and the room cool and comfortable. The great thing about them is they only require minimal installation, and can quickly be patched up with ease. 

Energy Efficient

Not only is the installation easy, but a ductless AC unit is an energy efficient way to cool your home and property. Since they are installed room by room, your system won’t have to work too hard to get your room cool and cozy.

Takes Up Less Space

These sleek units can be mounted high up out of the way from everything else. They won’t take up the little window space you do have, and they won’t require any big holes in the wall. You don’t have to worry about them not fitting in with your home decor. 

Cool It Off Quick

You don’t have to worry about long installation time either. Unlike central air, most ductless units can be ready to use within a few days! Your life and comfort won’t be disrupted either, thanks to the installation being minimally invasive! 

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