Trouble Shooting Your Boiler Issues

Picture it: you wake up bring and early only to be welcomed by a cold burst of air that chills you to the core. You immediately go into fix-it mode and realize, something must have happened to your boiler. As you begin your search to find the source of the problem, we have some tips below to ensure you identify the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

man cold from broken home boiler

Start At The Thermostat

When boiler issues begin, your first location to check should be your thermostat. If you have home zoning, and a few thermostats throughout your home, locate the main one and double-check that what it is set to match the actual temperature. 

Check All Your Radiators

If your home is equipped with radiant heating, check each radiator to see if they are thoroughly and evenly working. If you notice that the top part is cold, but the bottom is hot, there could be a few issues causing such as rust in the pipes, or a pump issue. 

Is The Pilot Light On?

If you notice that your pilot light keeps going out, the most common cause of this is a faulty thermocouple. Before replacing, the gas valve and power must be shut off, often making it a job better left for a professional. 

If you are still unsure of why your boiler is no longer providing you with the heat you need, trust the experts at Scott Hale Plumbing, Heating and Air. We can provide you with quick, efficient, and friendly service. Call today, and we’ll come today!