Three Plumbing Emergencies And How To Fix Them

Let’s face it: emergencies happen! No matter how prepared you are, life gets busy, little signs go unnoticed and before you know it, you are coming home to a flooded floor and water-filled kitchen. 

So to avoid some major damage and an unnecessary plumbing bill, here are 3 common emergencies and how to prevent them:

Broken faucet, running toilets and other plumbing emergencies

1. Freezing Pipes 

During winter, pipes exposed due to improper or worn out insulation gives way for the pipes to reach freezing temperatures thus lowering the temperature of un-insulated areas in our homes. To delay the process until the plumber arrives, we can place a portable heater near the pipes in the basement. As we know running water takes time to freeze, we can keep it on low.

2. Backed Up Toilet

If you detect a backed-up toilet with a foul odor, it is advised not to use the washroom until it is fixed. You might be tempted to constantly flush, but don’t! The more you flush, the more it will overflow and the more clean up and damage you will have to tackle. Avoid using the toilet and call us instead! 

3. Water Heater Leakage

With time, hard water deposits build up on the inside of the heater at the bottom. This is corrosive in nature and leads to rust and without proper maintenance, can eventually cause water leakage. If you come home to no hot water, your water heater could be to blame! 

These are the few issues out of many that Scott Hale Plumbing Heating & Airtake care of at affordable rates. We have a team of certified and experienced staff that is just a call away any time of the year.