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Things To Look For When Buying An Older Home

If you’re in the process of currently buying a new home, there is probably a lot of things on your to-do list. Still, one that you should never forget when searching for your dream home is to do a deep search for anything that could cost you an expensive repair or replacement down the line.

Though you will get a professional inspection, there are some steps you can take before you even decide to make an offer that can save you time. 

Beyond deciding whether you are going to keep the existing kitchen tile or bedroom paint color, here is everything you should know for your new home: 

Watch The Temperature

This might seem to be an odd thing for you to notice, but paying attention to the temperature in the room could save you big in the end. Insulation and older heating or cooling systems are something that can bring a home’s value down. 

If you are going for an older home, and notice that rooms are drafty or are just not comfortable temperature-wise, it could be a case of poor insulation or an older furnace that needs replacing.

Don’t be afraid to dig a bit deeper or ask questions about the insulation and current HVAC system.

Check The Hidden Plumbing

As you look at the quality of craftsmanship in the bathroom and kitchen plumbing, don’t be afraid to open cabinets and look underneath. You never know what you might find. From a leak to a lousy plumbing job, being detailed and thorough can save you from buying a money pit. 

Put Your Nose To Good Use

Though candles and air fresheners might be a nice touch to help sell a home, if there is an abundance of them that seems like they might be covering up something, more so sewage or gas, it could be a tricky way of trying to cover up a sewer problem.

 Another smell you might notice as soon as you walk in the door is the smell of cigarette smoke. The scent can not only linger in carpets and on the wallpaper, but it can live in your air vents and filters and lower your air quality. For those with allergy or asthma symptoms, it might be best to avoid a house that was smoked in. 

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