The Top Home Humidity Issues

Humidity is essential in your home year round. Too much can lead to mold, mildew, and just an uncomfortable environment overall. Too little can lead to dry skin, health issues, and damage furniture. But with the heat rising, the most common humidity problems that occur is too much moisture in the home. Often this can be combatted with a few adjustments. Here’s how to ensure you’re not adding or creating your home’s high humidity: 

Hot Long Showers

Though a nice long hot shower might be the best way to unwind, it’s one of the worst things for your home. All that steam and moisture can add extra humidity and dampness into your home and linger if not adequately ventilated. Taking shorter, more refreshing showers are not only better for your skin, but better for your home, too.

Doing Too Much Laundry

Now’s the time to bring back the old school clothesline. Let your clothes dry with some sunshine if you can. Constant use of a dryer adds extra heat to the home, and excess moisture too. When you can, choose to air dry.

Not Utilizing Exhaust Fans

Cooking a big family feast? Make sure your stove’s exhaust is on before you begin. Open some windows, too. This will help to keep the steam from the furnace from filling up your home with unneeded moisture. 

Dirty Air Filters

When your AC is maintained as it should be, it struggles to work as it should. This includes your air filter. When you have dirt and debris caked up on your filter, your system can’t filter the air as it should. This could lead to poor indoor air quality and more humidity issues. Remember to change or clean your filters as recommended, and get your regular tune-up.