The Spooky Things That Could Live In Your Air Ducts

With Halloween among us, our senses are alert for things that go bump in the night. Where are they coming from? They could be coming from inside our walls! There are lots of spooky things that could live inside your air ducts and wreak havoc on you and your home.

Air Duct Terrors

The ducts which pump air into our homes and offices, without routine maintenance, could become clogged with some spooky things. Just like the rest of the house, in due time, our air ducts start to gather dust or mold and could use a good cleaning. 

Often, we put off cleaning thinking that a little dust won’t hurt us. Would we feel the same way about this if we knew our ducts could be filled with frightening critters? 

Halloween HVAC Horrors

Creepy crawlers and spooky things need a place to hide and what better place than inside our air ducts?

Spiders could have created intricate webs and that neighborhood rodent may have crawled its way into your ducts and called it home. Nothing could be worse than finding out when it’s too late and the stench of a decaying rat takes over your house! 

There have even been incidents where rats have made their way up the plumbing system and into the toilet bowl. Now that is dreadful! 

We Can Help!

Cleaning your air ducts and other routine appliance repair is important for sanitary reasons, but it will also keep your wallet happy. Not only may it improve the air quality (who wants to breathe in moldy air, yuck!), but a properly cleaned and functioning HVAC system runs more efficiently and costs you less. 

We have discovered all sorts of strange, weird and gross things in the plumbing and ducts of homes and businesses. We hope yours doesn’t get a visit from any spooky little monsters, but better safe than scary! Get in touch with us before they get in touch with you!