The Most Common Air Duct Problems

When Your Air Ducts Might Need Repair 

Your air ducts are the primary way air travels throughout your home. When they are dirty or damaged, airflow and quality can suffer. This often leads to uneven heating, poor energy use, and other issues within the home. However, if you are noticing the below problems with your heating system, there is a good chance the source of the problem is coming from your air ducts.

A Smelly Odor

For most pet owners, when a sudden smell occurs in your home, you are quick to blame your four-legged friend. However, if that smell is consistent throughout, it could be a sign that something else is going on — like mold in your air ducts. When moisture sticks around in your air ducts, it can begin to create mold, mildew, and other harmful things leading to that constant odor you’re experiencing. 

Cold And Hot Spots

Whether it’s due to normal wear and tear or poor installation, when you are noticing hot and cold spots in your home, holes in your air ducts are likely the cause. If you see one room is warmer than the next, it’s time to consider having your air ducts looked at and repaired. 

Air Flow Issues

If you notice a sudden lack of air coming from your vents, it is the result of dirty or clogged ducts. The air might also feel stuffy due to the lack of circulation, too. If either of these is the case, it’s time to consider getting your ducts looked at. 

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