The Heating Myths Homeowners Should Ignore

It’s time to trade your AC for your heating. As you begin to keep your home toasty and warm, you might find that your heating bill is rising a bit. Others might notice that your home isn’t as comfortable as it could be. You might even find that you are getting sick more often than not. If all of this seems to be the case, you might be falling victim to some common heating myths. Here are the heating facts; you should know:

MYTH: Crank The Thermostat

It’s cold outdoors, you want to stay warm, so naturally, you will assume turning up the temperature will ensure that, and fast. However, this isn’t the case. Whether you turn the temperature up two degrees or ten, your system will still need time to heat the home. Adding a higher temperature will not speed up this process, and being colder out will not change your indoor temperature either. Your system was made to keep your home’s temperature even, so leave it in a comfortable setting.

MYTH: Humidity Only Matters In The Summer 

Though excess moisture can harm your home, so can lack of it. Dry air can be hard on your respiratory system, too. A humidifier can keep your home’s moisture level right where it needs to be so that you can breathe easy and your home doesn’t suffer.

MYTH: Keeping A Steady Temperature Is Key

Now, we may have said to keep your temperature where you are most comfortable, but that’s when you’re home. Many homeowners forget to adjust the temperatures for days where they are at work, or for when they go away. Doing so will stop energy waste and lower your electric bill, too. 

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