The Dangers of Leaves And Your HVAC

With all mechanical equipment and electrical appliances, maintenance and care is a  necessity. It is also important to know how to take care of certain appliances that are vulnerable to factors that we may not be aware of. For example, in order to keep our outside units fully functional, we must keep them free from dirt and debris. 

Usually, leaves end up being one of the main culprits that affect the airflow of the unit. Making sure your outdoor HVAC unit is kept clean will not only make it work efficiently, but will also prolong its lifespan. 

So, when exactly do we alert ourselves of fallen leaves? Leaves shed most in the autumn season so we can use the changing of the seasons to mark our vigorous maintenance sessions. 

We know that when the cool winds begin to blow in the early autumn season, leaves may begin to pose several problems: 

  • Leaves can get caught in the unit and the buildup reduces airflow. This requires the unit to draw more energy, which in turn raises utility bills dramatically. 
  • When leaves, along with other debris, remain in the unit for long they harbor moisture. This can be sensitive to the internal body of the unit causing components to rust.
  • The decadence of leaves releases acidic gases that can eat away the unit’s copper tubing. Once this happens, the refrigerant can no longer be retained and it may escape though the holes in the tubing. 

As a result, it is always a better option to be proactive and schedule routine maintenance and inspections. Scott Hale is skilled in providing the maintenance needed to ensure HVAC units are operating efficiently and effectively. 

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