The Benefits Of Water Conditioning

Clean water is a necessity that we all need to live, but in many areas, especially Salt Lake City, hard water is a major issue; luckily there are many affordable ways to tackle it. Whether it’s water softening, conditioning, or purification, the benefits are significant. Here are just a few of the reasons why you could benefit from water conditioning: 

Improved Health

Water purification is essential for clean drinking water. Water from the tap can have impurities such as phosphates, sulfides, copper, and lead which over time can cause some serious health risks. Drinking clean filtered water protects your body from diseases which can lead to overall greater health. Beyond being the best move for your health, filtered water is known to have a clean, crisp taste that unfiltered tap water lacks.

Get A Better Clean

Filtered water is good for you inside and out! With cleaner water you’ll get a better lather with your shampoo and soaps, leaving you with softer, cleaner, and smoother hair and skin. Hard water also affects your dishwasher and washing machine.  With soft water you’ll need less detergent and soap, your whites will stay whiter, and your fabrics will be soft.  Water conditioning will also extend the life of your clothes, saving you money overall!

Reduce Waste

Choosing to filter your tap water will significantly decrease your use of bottled water saving you waste and cash! Using treated water on your appliances will make them more energy efficient. Water waste will drop, and fewer detergents and soaps will be needed. Overall you will extend the life of your appliances, your clothes, use less product and save money on your energy bill. Talk about a win-win! 

Scott Hale Plumbing is the intelligent choice for all your water softening, conditioning and purification needs in Salt Lake City – so for help with repairs or with choosing your new system, request service or call us today.