Space Heater Safety Tips

The cold nights are upon us, and for some, that means searching for an extra way to stay comfy and warm. If you don’t have home zoning or your heating system isn’t working as it should, you may find yourself resorting to the use of a space heater. If so, we want to remind you to keep safety at the top of your mind. Follow these tips for proper space heater use:

space heater being used in a home.

Keep The Area Clear

A space heater should always be three feet away from anything that can be considered combustible. Beds, sofa, and curtains are all examples. Make sure there is nothing in the front, side, or rear of your heater, too. 

Inspect The Cord

Your heater should always be securely plugged into the power outlet. If you spot even the slightest damage or fray to your cord, discontinue use, as it could be a fire hazard. Do not use any extension cords, and be sure to never place the cord under any rugs or carpet.

Make Sure It’s Stable

A portable heater should always be on a level surface. If not, it could be at risk for getting knocked over, leading to a possible fire. It should always be used on a floor, never a table or chair. 

Consider Home Zoning Instead

If your heating isn’t cutting it, and individual rooms seem colder than the next, home zoning might be the best investment for you. By grouping your air ducts into a zone, you can independently operate each zone for improved comfort and better energy efficiency. 
To ditch the space heater, and find out more about home zoning, contact the trusted experts at Scott Hale. We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded.